Asparagus & Dry Cured Ham Chicken Roll – made with love!

I love chicken, I love cured ham, I love asparagus and I love cheese, so why not combine all items, warp them up into a roll and enjoy all my favorites in every single bite?! This recipe is by no means new, it has been around for ages but I think most people use bacon instead of cured ham but I find it too fatty! There are various ways to warp all these ingredients into a roll, some prefer to wrap the bacon on the outside but I want my chicken to become a little golden in colour so inside the cured ... read more

Japanese Rice Cakes for Chinese New Year

  Chinese New Year is coming soon, it is a tradition to have rice cakes but such a tradition is not something unique to the Chinese. Koreans and Japanese have their own version of rice cakes, which are very similar to that of the Chinese.  I recall joining a friend of my and his family in Japan during the NYE and we all sat around the table and have rice cakes wrapped with seaweed. Yes, in Japan rice cakes are consumed on the New Year day as in 1st of Jan. It was a memorable year, a memorable ... read more

Gingerbread Man!

It is Christmas time again! Last year I did The Gingery Collection, a pretty collection of Gingerbread man. It was quite fun making them especially the decoration part! This year I want to repeat the fun and try to make a new collection of gingerbread man ready for the festive season! Ho Ho Ho … Merry Christmas! Same as last time, I will not go into details of the ingredients because they are pretty much the same for those you found online. The one I followed <here> ... read more

Whisk @ The Mira

I have always been a big fan of Whisk since they first opened a while ago especially for the suckling pig as well as their apple tart! Their Sunday brunch was a big hit as well and I covered it a few times actually. I was quite excited to receive this invitation by and Whisk to try out one of their new featured menu by starred Guest Chef Davy Tissot from Les Terrasses de Lyon of Villa Florentine. While waiting to order, we began with this refreshing peachy mocktail drinks together ... read more

Banana Orange Crepes

It is time for desserts once again! For Halloween, we often talk about costumes and how to dress up as ugly or scary as possible. I think the same concept can apply to food or desserts in this case. It may look scary or disgusting, but it can also be super delicious right? So for this GLAD series, I choice to make something simple, Banana Orange Crepes with a little scary twist perhaps? I followed a recipe from Epicurious iPhone apps. Recipe is as follows: Crepes: 1/3 cup milk 3 ... read more